A 6-week online speaker accelerator for women.

Craft, hone and deliver an unforgettable talk in six-weeks. Do it with expert guidance in a rigorous, yet supportive space. 

Applications close on Friday, July 31st at midnight PST.

The program starts Sept 1st.

Wait. Why enroll in Shine's speaking program when conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future?

Because speaking is about more than being on a physical stage. It’s about having the confidence to communicate with your audience, no matter where you are and who they are. 

There are two main ingredients to an incredible presentation: content + delivery. Both can be improved in a virtual learning environment. Plus, speaking on a webinar, podcast or at a virtual conference is the perfect intro.

At Shine, you'll get weekly speaker coaching. You'll build, hone & finesse your presentation in the comfort of your home. Surrounded by a supportive community of women.


After Shine, you'll have a polished, powerful talk under your belt, testimonials, social mentions, a video and the credentials to go after speaking slots.

The fact that it all takes place on the internet lets us bring together an incredible crew without asking you to move across the country for a month.

Now is the time to hone your skills so that when this is over you’re ready for action.

What’s included

Mentorship & Coaching

Virtual Course, Educational Content & Workshops

Community & Mentorship

Speaker Swag! 

Virtual Speaker Showcase with a Live Audience.

The stuff you’ll walk away with

A stand-out talk title, description & speaker Bio
A video of your talk
A professional speaker headshot 
(yep, we're taking these virtually)
Real-time tweets and testimonials about your presentation
Long-lasting friendships and valuable connections
A slide-deck designed by you with the support of a professional designer

Remind me to apply before the deadline

This is not another

self-paced online course you'll never finish.

And this is not another in-person experience turned virtual overnight.


We took time and care to recraft this experience to be even more valuable than it was in-person. 

You'll find and refine your voice and message. You’ll craft a compelling story and slide deck.

You'll do it all in small, high calibre groups. And you'll go through it with a pro speaker coach by your side. This means built-in community & accountability. It's as much about the curated group of women you'll meet as it is about the content. 


We're less of a how-to lecture and much more hands-on. Because sure, you can read a book about speaking. You can listen to someone explain how to do it. But actually doing it is totally different.

Our program culminates in one digital speaker showcase & conference.


And like a college scout watching a high-school basketball game sourcing up-and-coming talent, we'll be inviting conference organizers to watch you.


Apply to be apart of it!

The program dates:

September  1st – Friday, October 9th, 2020


Note: The application deadline for the  Sept program is Friday, July 31st midnight PST.


The application takes about 9 minutes to complete and includes a no-longer-than-2-minute video.


Mark The Deadline In Your Calendar

The application deadline is Friday, July 31st at midnight PST. 


We’ll let you know...

If you are in. We want to be super transparent on our selection criteria. Here is how we evaluate.


It's official once you seal the deal

If you are selected, please know that the cost of attending is $950 USD (most programs like this are 6x the price). We’ll send you a link to register and pay!


Need financial assistance? We offer a limited amount of scholarships for underrepresented and economically disadvantaged professionals. Check out the details here.


Helpful Stuff To Seal The Deal:

Need to convince your boss?
We got you covered: 
'Pitch Your Boss' Email Template


Need Financial Assistance?

It's important that Shine is available to ALL women, no matter their skin color, sexual orientation, or financial situation. 

We offer a handful of scholarships for underrepresented or economically disadvantaged professionals. Check out the details here.


Kickoff! Speaker School Starts.

One we’ve selected our final cohort, we’ll invite you to our Slack community.

Please be prepared to dedicate 4-6 hours a week to the coursework.

Every Week you'll have a live coaching session with your group + coach.

The first day of Shine Bootcamp is September 1st, 2020


Speaker Showcase + Conference

Our program culminates in one digital speaker showcase & conference.


And like a college scout watching a high-school basketball game sourcing up-and-coming talent, we'll be inviting conference organizers to watch you.

High-level Schedule 

Week 1

Discover, Define and Dive Into Your Talk Topic

Week 4

Delivery, Pace, Pitch, Volume and Humor.

Week 2

Craft Your Talk. 
Content, Flow & Structure

Week 5

 The Final Speaker Showcase. 

Week 3

Design Your Deck. 

+ Refine, Refine, Refine.

Week 6

Now what? Pitching + securing speaking gigs

How it works

A Snapshot of our Coaches + Workshop Instructors

FYI: our coaching team will expand.

Rhonda Khan
  • Twitter

 Professional Public Speaking Coach. Speech Language Pathologist. Professional Actor. 

Founder of Simply Speech Solutions

Kirsty Hulse
  • Twitter

Prolific Public Speaker. 
Founder of Roar Training.
Qualified coach.

Hamza Khan
  • Twitter

Keynote Speaker.
Managing Director of Student Life Net

Dr. Lianne Presswood
  • Twitter

Public Speaking Consultant. 
Prof of Rhetoric and Oral Communication. 

Jordan Bower

Strategic Storytelling Consultant.

Avery Francis
  • Twitter

Speaker. Founder of Bloom, Sunday Showers and Bridge School.

More Coaches To Come...

What Women Say About Shine

Such a life-changing experience! I stepped out of my comfort zone, overcame fear, beasted my presentation and joined my friend as a proud alumna of #shinebootcamp all in one weekend! 

—  Zakiya Collier, Archivist, librarian and scholar.

After Shine, Zakiya spoke on the Organizing Ideas podcast about (Web) Archives and Black Culture 

Our Alumnae

are from companies like:

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