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We help women speak up, gain confidence and become respected speakers. 

Our mission is to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hands to speak (or aren’t acknowledged when they do).


Elevating marginalized voices

Ultimately, our mission is to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hands to speak or aren’t acknowledged when they do. At the highest level, this means empowering more women to get up on stage, since women are often outnumbered by men at events and conferences. That said, we believe wholly that without intersectionality our mission falls flat. We are committed to providing a platform for those often underrepresented at conferences and events, including but not limited to trans women, femmes, other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities, POC and in particular Black and Indigenous women.

We often get asked, "How can I help?"

You can become a Patron or if you want to help in a bigger way you can pay it forward with our scholarship program. 



Not another imposter syndrome workshop

Self-doubt can pop up at any time, sapping our confidence and making us feel small. This is especially true in that critical moment before giving a presentation. Our programs help women gain the confidence to become not just respected speakers, but leaders in their industries. But make no mistake, this isn't another imposter syndrome workshop. After all, we know there are external factors (*cough* the patriarchy) that bank on us feeling insignificant. Shine acknowledges this while also supporting women who refuse to stay small a moment longer.

How can you help support in a small, consistent way? 

Become a monthly Patron.  

Or if you'd like to support in a bigger way, you can provide a scholarship to an underrepresented and economically disadvantaged professional.


Fionna before: Terrified


Fionna after: Poised + confident

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Directly help shape the next generation of conference speakers + get more women on stage

Like many other women, we got tired of seeing all-male conference lineups. The common excuse? There “aren’t enough qualified female speakers.” But rather than just talk about the problem, we wanted to be part of the solution.


Shine was launched to equip women with the tools and experience they needed to secure speaking gigs — and put an end to the dreaded “manel”. Want more background? Check out this post by Stef Grieser and Amy Wood.


Where you come in ↓


Pay it forward and sponsor one full-ride scholarship. By supporting a scholarship, you will provide tuition to an underrepresented and economically disadvantaged professional.

But let's be real, speaking is about more than being on stage

It’s about having the skills and confidence to communicate with your audience, no matter where you are and who they are. Whether that be in a client meeting, on a podcast, or at a conference. 


Yes, we create speakers. We also shape leaders.​ "Life-changing" and "transformational" are words we hear describe Shine time and time again.

In fact, many Shine alums have completely changed the trajectory of their careers following their Shine experience.

But it’s important that speaking is accessible to ALL women, no matter their race, gender identity, ability, or economic situation. 


By supporting Shine's scholarship program

you will provide a scholarship to an underrepresented and economically disadvantaged professional. While also helping shape the next generation of leaders.

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Shine Co-Creators: Amy, Stef and Ale

Help get more women on stage at industry conferences

Shine Bootcamp started as a passion project. As Co-Creators, we worked 9-5 jobs and ran Shine off the side of our desks. Shine coaches volunteered their time. To us, Shine Bootcamp was not about making money, but rather using our privilege to provide others with the same opportunities that we've been afforded.

But since our first workshop, Shine has evolved. It's not just a passion project anymore, but a purpose-driven business. Today, we pay ourselves, our coaches, and our contractors. The remainder of our profits go back into Shine, including investing in both DEI work and organizational anti-racism work.


We’re not a registered non-profit or charity; however, in a lot of ways, we operate like one. We collect funds (via membership, registration and sponsorships) to run one-of-a-kind programs that result in real, tangible impact.

Support Options

There are a few ways you can help

Depending on where you're at. 

Become a patron

Think of it as a buying Shine a monthly coffee.


A coffee that will help elevate underrepresented voices.


What kind of coffee does that?

Partner with Shine 

Want to be involved in a bigger, bolder way? 

Brands and companies like Wistia, Unbounce, Shopify and Logitech have all supported us and connected with an awesome cause and an incredible group of women.

Get in touch with us at

Sponsor a scholarship

It’s important that Shine is available to ALL women, no matter their race, sexual orientation, ability, or financial situation. 

By supporting Shine, you will provide one scholarship to an underrepresented and economically disadvantaged professional.

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