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Shine is an immersive, 3-week speaker incubator for women in technology, marketing and startup environments who want to share their stories, become respected thought leaders in their industries and pitch and secure large-scale professional public speaking gigs.

Over the course of three weeks, an intensive online program + in-person weekend, and with the mentorship of seasoned professional speakers, you’ll learn how to craft an engaging story, design a beautiful slide deck, develop a strong stage presence, deliver an engaging presentation and build a supportive and fruitful speaking network.

What is it?

What’s included

Actionable, tailored feedback on the content, style and delivery of your talk from professional, seasoned keynote speakers

A Friday welcome reception — cocktails, appies and entertainment

Breakfast and lunch both days

A three-week virtual course to help you build the foundation of your talk

Access to our community before the event and our alumni group after 

Long-lasting friendships and valuable connections

A free speaker page template 

A professional speaker headshot 

A professionally edited video of your 10-minute talk

A talk title and description

What you’ll walk away with

An awesome slide-deck designed by you with the support of a professional designer

How it works

We are only taking 15 women. We believe specific, tailored and personalized coaching and feedback will help you become a better speaker.

 Apply to be a part of it!

Mark the deadline in your calendar.

The application deadline is Friday, July 27th at midnight .

We want to be super transparent on our selection criteria. Here is how we evaluate.

We’ll let you know if you’re in.

It's official once you seal the deal.

Need financial assistance? 
We're offering scholarships for 3 special women. Check out the details.

Join the community and get access to course materials.

One we’ve selected our final cohort, we’ll invite you to our Slack community and give you access to our course so you can start working on your deck (with our help) before you come.

Show up & shine!

Show up on Friday, September 21st and get ready to Shine! 


Friday | Sept. 21

Welcome Reception

Saturday | Sept. 22

Workshopping, 1-on-1 Coaching and Refining

Sunday | Sept 23


Your Coaches

Krista Seiden

Oli Gardner

Joanna Wiebe

Jordan Bower

Stefanie Grieser

Unbounce Co-founder.
Rated as the #1 speaker at over 75% of his speaking engagements.

Google Analytics Evangelist. 
It’s literally part of her job to travel the world and speak on behalf of Google.

Founder CTAConf, Co-Founder Shine Bootcamp, Speaker & Seasoned Conference Content Curator.

Leadership & Culture Storytelling Consultant. Keynote Speaker.

Founder Copyhackers, Co-Founder Airstory. Consistently the highest rated Keynote Speaker.

What Women Said About Last Year

I can’t believe how much I learned over such a short period of time - the training was both rigorous and supportive. I NEVER would have considered speaking publicly if it weren’t for shine, but now I’m excited and ready for it.”

Lisa Pierson |  Copywriting Consultant & Mom of two daughters.

Marie Poulin, Co-Founder Oki Doki

I feel ten thousand times more prepared and confident in how to deliver a talk that really reflects my own expertise, unique perspective, and personality. I will no longer shy away from opportunities where I know I'd be a great fit. Before Shine Bootcamp, I wondered if there were simply "those people" who were born to speak (and that I probably wasn't one them). Now I realize it's totally a skill that CAN be learned and honed, and you can do it in a way that really showcases the best you have to offer."

When Shine Bootcamp came around, I had been thinking for a while about really wanting to speak AND looking for a female mentor in the tech space. Shine provided me with both. An empowered, inspiring environment full of incredible women and leadership as well as the ability to take my speaking career to the next level. I would not only do it again but 10/10 recommend it to anybody who asked.

Amalia Fowler, Account Manager at Snaptech Marketing


Our Sponsors

Stefanie Grieser

Jordan Bower

Joanna Wiebe

Who are we

Interested in sponsoring? Contact us 

Applications are now closed

Keep me posted on the next bootcamp

After last year’s bootcamp, Lisa secured speaking slots at Interact Ohio, Digital Growth Unleashed, Call To Action Conference and INBOUND.

 After last year’s bootcamp, Marie Spoke at MircoConf.

Need to convince your boss? 
We got you covered. 'Pitch Your Boss' Email Template

If you are selected, please know that the cost of attending is $999 CAD ($760 USD). We’ll send you a link to register and pay!

Helpful stuff to seal the deal:

What is the cost? 

Attending is $999 CAD ($760 USD)

What your mission? 

To get more women and people who identify as women speaking at industry conferences. We want to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hand to speak or aren’t heard when they do.

 Is transportation and accommodation included?

Transportation to and from will not be provided, nor will accommodation. If you’re from out of town, we suggest pitching to your boss. And we’ve even made it easy with this ‘pitch your boss’ email template. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is good for you and the company you work for. 

Do you offer scholarships?  

It’s important to us that Shine is available to all women, to matter their income or employment status. As such, we are offering free scholarships to 3 women (2 local and 1 out of town, with flight and hotel provided). If you’re applying for a scholarship, please let us know in your application video & send us an email ( 

Is three days enough time to write a speech, create a slide deck and build a landing page?  

No. Building a keynote presentation takes time, which is why we’ll be providing participants with assignments and resources leading up to the event. Participants will be expected to come to the bootcamp with a rough 10-minute talk and slide deck. The weekend will then be spent getting coached, networking, perfecting and presenting your expert-approved presentations. 

Why did you launch?   

Like many other women, we got tired of being told the reason there wasn’t a gender diverse lineup is because “there aren’t enough qualified female speakers.” But rather than just talk about the problem, we wanted to be part of the solution. CentHERStage - now Shine -  was launched as a means to empower women in technology with the tools and experience they need to get up on stage and share their knowledge. Want more background? Check out this post by Stef Grieser and Amy Wood.  

I am a trans woman — can I apply for Shine Bootcamp?  

Yes! Please do!

I heard the bootcamp was free last year. What gives? 

A group of women from Unbounce put on the first bootcamp (called CentHerStage) as a passion project, bootstrapped and ultimately funded by Rick Perreault and Unbounce. We — Amy Wood, Alejandra Porta and Stefanie Grieser — are taking the speaker bootcamp concept and growing it into a sustainable organization where we can affect change more than once a year. We have long-term plans to run this type of event multiple times a year. The cost of the bootcamp covers the cost to run it. Any extra pennies we generate will be reinvested in future Shine initiatives. 

We are unapologetically and consciously making it a sustainable, purpose-driven organization. We’ve seen many organizations crumble from not having revenue and relying purely on donations or sponsorships. We believe in the value of women's work and are passionate about giving women a platform to use their voice. 

At Shine, we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to share her story, irrelevant of her financial situation. As such, we've reserved 3 free spots for women who require financial assistance, including one full-ride scholarship with flight and hotel. 

Shine gave me the clarity and structure I needed to hone my speaking and presentation skills. It was extremely valuable to get feedback from my peers and my coach was simply amazing! Do it, you'll be happy you did.

Nicole McCullum Founder of Captivate Designs & SEO Trainer 

Your virtual coaches

Alexa Hubley

Myrite Rotstein

Lianna Patch

Mike King

Claire Suellentrop

Copywriter. Speaker. Hilarious. Will teach you how to inject humour to your talk!

Fullness Coach. Helps purpose driven women, business owners and creatives step fully into her power, her truth and her life's work.

Marketing at HelpScout. Speaker. Will teach you how to scale your talk. 

Co-founder Co-Founder Forget The Funnel. Will teach you how to pitch conference organizers.

Founder of iPullRank. Keynote Speaker. Rapper. Will teach you how to anchor your talk with concrete examples and metaphors. 

Janine Graham

Founder Soapbox Speakers. Public Speaking Coach. Will teach you how to set intentions & choose your talk topic.

Will Reynolds

Serial Underdog at SEER. One of the most passionate marketing speakers in the industry.

Michael Aagaard

Freelance CRO Consultant, International Keynote Speaker, Public Speaking Coach.

 Designed by Alejandra PortaWritten by Amy Wood

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