Are you ready to kickstart your (virtual) speaking career?

Gain the skills, confidence, and experience to craft and deliver a powerful presentation.

What is Shine?

Shine provides the tools and support to help women become respected speakers and leaders.

We host an intensive, virtual 8-week accelerator for women who want to level up their public speaking. 


Recorded workshops, professional coaching, and facilitated peer feedback help you find and refine your voice and message, craft a compelling story and slide deck, deliver an engaging presentation, and build a supportive and fruitful speaking network. 

We are known to go beyond standard courses by offering simulated learning experiences with tangible results and takeaways.

Is Shine for me?

Are you a woman or nonbinary person comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and become a respected thought leader in your industry or community? Are you ready to stretch your limits in a supportive and nurturing environment?


If you found yourself nodding yes to each of these questions, Shine Bootcamp is absolutely for you.

Join Our 8-Week Speaker Accelerator 

Gain the skills, confidence, and experience you need to land speaking gigs at conferences and events. 

Spring Bootcamp

May & June


Winter Bootcamp

February & March


Summer Bootcamp

June & July


Fall Bootcamp

September & October



What People Say About Shine

Shine was one of the most impactful professional (and personal) experiences I've ever had. I have wanted to get up on stage and share my expertise for a long time, but have always found reasons to hold myself back. At Shine, I was surrounded by an incredible group of allies in a super safe, motivating space. And holding myself back just didn't make any sense. It was a space where I couldn't help but excel. Once you get up on stage, once you feel those supportive vibes, once you stumble, laugh, power realize that you've belonged there all along. I couldn't recommend Shine more for any woman with something to share

—  Natasha Wahid, Sr Content Strategist at Fullstory

After Shine, Natasha secured a keynote at CXL Live

Gettin' the Speaking Gig

Our programs speak (and pay) for themselves. Members of our alumni have secured 500+ speaking engagements. 

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Our programs are intimate, highly sought after, and only happen a few times a year. Unlike previous years, general applications are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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