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Are you ready to kickstart your speaking career?

Gain the skills, confidence and experience to develop and deliver powerful presentations that will land you conference speaking gigs.


What is Shine Bootcamp?

Shine Bootcamp is a professional speaking academy for women who want to level up their communication and become respected speakers in their industries.

Shine’s programs help both new and experienced speakers refine their voice and message, craft compelling stories, and confidently deliver engaging presentations - all while building a supportive and fruitful speaking network.

Is Shine for me?

Are you a woman or nonbinary person? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and become a respected thought leader in your community? Are you ready to stretch your limits in a rigorous, yet supportive environment?

If you found yourself nodding yes to each of these questions, Shine Bootcamp is absolutely for you.


What makes Shine different? 

This isn’t Toastmasters

At Toastmasters, you practice how you speak, not what you speak about. At Shine, you do both, developing and delivering a unique message you care deeply about.

You don’t need another confidence workshop

We'll spend time unpacking limiting beliefs. But we won't waste a second gaslighting you into thinking there aren't outside forces (*cough* the patriarchy) that bank on you playing small.

Learn with a rad group of women

One of the best parts of Shine is the people you meet. You'll grow alongside an incredible community in an intimate learning environment built for deep connection.

Not another
self-paced online course

This isn't just pre-recorded content. The core of your learning happens live to keep you accountable and on track.

Putting the ‘work’ back in workshop

We're all about a hands-on learning experiences. Don't expect a lecture. We'll do live Q&As, facilitate breakout rooms, and build in time to practice, practice, practice.

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Explore our programs

We run two programs: one for those who want to improve their speaking and one for those looking to build a speaking career.


Improve your confidence and communication. 



Level up your speaking career. 

Why our alums love us

We did a bunch of user tests on this very website and a few people said, “Testimonials? Nah. Don’t believe ‘em. Don’t read ‘em.” We’re sharing them anyways. 

Karen Hopper


Late to the party, but as a participant-turned-coach, I have so many great things to say. Each cohort goes through an intensive 6 week program that outlines the building blocks of any presentation - content, confidence, delivery, slide design, everything. Happy to chat more!

Ellie Wu, CCXP


Thank you for the incredible experience to know what it's like to join a sisterhood of speakers! #shinebootcamp

Lucy Heskins


Absolutely. I applied to Shine, yes for the tools to learn how to speak, but mainly for the opportunity to join an accelerator with others. IMO, I couldn’t have completed Shine if I worked solo, without the peer element of support and engagement.



It takes So. Much. Courage. to get up on stage and share your story. Today I saw 17 women step up and take the mic for the first time, and it was AMAZING.

Congrats to the Fall 2019 cohort of @shinebootcamp; in the words of Elle Woods, “We did it!!”

Valerie Aguiar.jpg
Valerie Aguiar


How my week started: Almost in tears ready to drop out of the speaker showcase. Self-doubt was REAL. How it's going: Finished my 1st talk on inclusive marketing. People from different parts of my life showed up, gave love and support. WE DID IT. I DID IT. Thx @shinebootcamp

Natasha Wahid.jpg
Natasha Wahid


What an incredible weekend — absorbing support and positivity from some of my favorite speakers in the world. Thank you thank you

@smgrieser @amy_would @alejandraporta @shinebootcamp for a game-changing experience

Our programs speak for themselves.

Shine alums have secured 1000+ speaking engagements at conferences like:

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We’ll send you emails when our programs open back up. 
Welcome to Shine!
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