Are you ready to kickstart your (virtual) speaking career?

Gain the skills, confidence and experience to craft and deliver a powerful presentation.

What is Shine?

Shine provides the tools and support to help women to become respected speakers and leaders.

We host an intensive, 6-week online workshop for women who want to level up their public speaking. We also have a monthly membership with a ton of resources + an incredible community. 


As a professional speaking incubator + accelerator, we help you find and refine your voice and message, craft a compelling story and slide deck, deliver an engaging presentation, and build a supportive and fruitful speaking network. 

Is Shine for me?

Are you a woman or  LGBTQIA+? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and become a respected thought leader in your industry? Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone in a supportive and nurturing environment?


If you found yourself nodding yes to each of these questions, Shine Bootcamp is absolutely for you.

We have a few different programs.

Check them out.

Monthly Speaker Membership 

Workshops & resources  for Underestimated Speakers

This isn’t Toast Masters.

Shine Bootcamp’s monthly membership subscription is both different and better.

Fine-tune your speaking with monthly workshops.

6-week professional speaker accelerator.

Gain the skills, confidence and experience you need to land speaking gigs at conferences and events. 

This program is intimate, highly sought-after, and only happens a few times a year. Admission is by application only!


Learn more.

Our IRL Speaker Bootcamp

On  Hold For until further notice 

 In the meantime, take part in our virtual program or our monthly membership subscription (look to your right)


Or if you prefer to wait, join our mailing list.


What Women Say About Shine

Shine was one of the most impactful professional (and personal) experiences I've ever had. I have wanted to get up on stage and share my expertise for a long time, but have always found reasons to hold myself back. At Shine, I was surrounded by an incredible group of allies in a super safe, motivating space. And holding myself back just didn't make any sense. It was a space where I couldn't help but excel. Once you get up on stage, once you feel those supportive vibes, once you stumble, laugh, power realize that you've belonged there all along. I couldn't recommend Shine more for any woman with something to share

—  Natasha Wahid, Sr Content Strategist at Fullstory

After Shine, Natasha secured a keynote at CXL Live

Gettin' the Speaking Gig

Our programs speak (and pay) for themselves. Our alumnae have secured over 400+ speaking engagements. 

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Our programs are intimate, highly sought-after, and only happen a few times a year. Admission is by application only! Learn more or apply.

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