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Shine Bootcamp is a professional speaking academy for women who want to level up their communication and become respected speakers in their industries.

Shine’s programs help both new and experienced speakers refine their voice and message, craft compelling stories, and confidently deliver engaging presentations - all while building a supportive and fruitful speaking network. 

What is it?

What makes Shine different?

How it works

We are only taking 18 women. We believe specific, tailored and personalized coaching and feedback will help you become a better speaker.

Apply to be a part of it!

Mark the deadline in your calendar.

The application deadline is Date at midnight.

We want to be super transparent on our selection criteria. 

We’ll let you know if you’re in.

It's official once you seal the deal.

Need financial assistance? 
We're offering scholarships for 3 special women. 

Join the community and get access to course materials.

One we’ve selected our final cohort, we’ll invite you to our Slack community and give you access to our course so you can start working on your deck (with our help) before you come.

Show up & shine!


Hana Abaza 

Kirsty Hulse 

Hamza Khan

Head of Marketing for Shopify Plus. Speaker On Stages. 

Multi-Award Winning Marketer & Entrepreneur. Managing Director of Student Life Net

Founder & MD of Manyminds. Keynote speaker. Author. Mentor  


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Need to convince your boss? 
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If you are selected, please know that the cost of attending is $999 CAD ($760 USD). We’ll send you a link to register and pay!

Helpful stuff to seal the deal:

What is the cost? 

Attending is $999 CAD ($760 USD). Though we do have 3 scholarships available. 

What your mission? 

Ultimately, our mission is to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hands to speak or aren’t recognized when they do. At the highest level, this means empowering more women to get up on stage, since women are often outnumbered by men at marketing and tech conferences. That said, we believe wholly that without intersectionality our mission falls flat. We are committed to providing a platform for those often underrepresented at conferences and events, including but not limited to trans women, femmes, other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, persons with disabilities POC and in particular BIPOC.

Is transportation and accommodation included?

Transportation to and from will not be provided, nor will accommodation. If you’re from out of town, we suggest pitching to your boss. And we’ve even made it easy with this ‘pitch your boss’ email template. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is good for you and the company you work for. 

Do you offer scholarships?  

It’s important to us that Shine is available to all women, no matter their income or employment status. As such, we are offering scholarships to 3 women (2 local, covering registration, and 1 out of town, covering registration, flight, and hotel). If you’re applying for a scholarship, please let us know in your application video & send us an email ( 

Is three days enough time to write a speech, create a slide deck and build a landing page?  

No. Building a keynote presentation takes time, which is why we’ll be providing participants with assignments and resources leading up to the event. Participants will be expected to come to the bootcamp with a rough 10-minute talk and slide deck. The weekend will then be spent getting coached, networking, perfecting and presenting your expert-approved presentations. 

Why did you launch?   

Like many other women, we got tired of being told the reason there wasn’t a gender diverse lineup is because “there aren’t enough qualified female speakers.” But rather than just talk about the problem, we wanted to be part of the solution. Shine was launched as a means to empower women in technology with the tools and experience they need to get up on stage and share their knowledge. Want more background? Check out this post by Stef Grieser and Amy Wood.  

Is Shine Bootcamp a non-profit?

Shine Bootcamp is not a registered non-profit; however, in a lot of ways, we operate like one. We collect just enough funds (via registration and sponsorship) to host a one-of-a-kind event focused on providing the best experience for each and every one of our participants. Many of our coaches volunteer their time and even sponsor their own travel and accommodations. We offer multiple scholarships to provide barrier-free education to those who may not otherwise have the funds to attend. Any profits that we have made have gone back into Shine, including investing in organizational anti-racism work. To us, Shine Bootcamp is not about making money, but rather using our privilege to be better allies and provide others with the same opportunities that we've been afforded.

Do you run events in other cities?

For the year 2019, we are running two bootcamps on the West Coast & East Coast of North America (Vancouver and Toronto). If you're interested in applying to next year's event, please join our email list, or follow us on Instagram or Twitter for the latest updates.

How can I host a Shine Bootcamp in my city?

If you're interested in hosting a Shine Bootcamp event in your city, get in touch with us at hello@shinebootcamp. We want to scale the impact of Shine, but with just three of us running it off the side of our desks, we need your help. We are currently working on a Playbook for other cities to host. Get in touch!

 Designed by Alejandra PortaWritten by Amy Wood


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How to apply

We want to get to know you! 

Fill out the application form, including a no-longer-than-3-minute video* of you telling us:

  • A little bit about yourself (who you are, what you do, what you're all about)
  • Why you want to be part of Shine
  • What you hope to get out of Shine

*We highly recommend using Soapbox by Wistia. It's totally free and easy to use. (Full disclosure: They're a sponsor.) 

Psst.. Applying for a scholarship? Let us know in your application.

Check out the details.Here is how we evaluate

In the Press

Who are we

Shine is a passion project led by Amy WoodStefanie Grieser, and Alejandra Porta


Founder of Sunday Showers, Bloom and Bridge School.

Avery Francis

Video strategist & General Enthusiast.

Founder of Simply Speech Solutions.  Speech Language Pathologist. Professional actor.

Rhonda Khan

Phil Nottingham

Applications are now closed

We’ll send you emails when our programs open back up.  

Are you a woman or nonbinary person? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and become a respected thought leader in your community? Are you ready to stretch your limits in a rigorous, yet supportive environment?

If you found yourself nodding yes to each of these questions, Shine Bootcamp is absolutely for you.

Is Shine for me?

This isn’t Toastmasters

At Toastmasters, you practice how you speak, not what you speak about. At Shine, you do both, developing and delivering a unique message you care deeply about.  

We'll spend time unpacking limiting beliefs. But we won't waste a second gaslighting you into thinking there aren't outside forces (*cough* the patriarchy) that bank on you playing small.

You don’t need another confidence workshop

One of the best parts of Shine is the people you meet. You'll grow alongside an incredible community in an intimate learning environment built for deep connection.

Learn with a rad group of women 

This isn't just pre-recorded content. The core of your learning happens live to keep you accountable and on track.

Not another self-paced online course

We're all about a hands-on learning experiences. Don't expect a lecture. We'll do live Q&As, facilitate breakout rooms, and build in time to practice, practice, practice.

Putting the ‘work’ back in workshop

Because sometimes showing is telling

Natasha Wahid, Head of Marketing at Widerfunnel

Shine was one of the most impactful professional (and personal) experiences I've ever had. I have wanted to get up on stage and share my expertise for a long time, but have always found reasons to hold myself back. At Shine, I was surrounded by an incredible group of allies in a super safe, motivating space. And holding myself back just didn't make any sense. It was a space where I couldn't help but excel. Once you get up on stage, once you feel those supportive vibes, once you stumble, laugh, power realize that you've belonged there all along. I couldn't recommend Shine more for any woman with something to share.

After Shine, Natasha secured a keynote at CXL Live

SHINE Bootcamp was a transformational experience. I've dreamed for years about getting started with a speaking career. SHINE gave me everything I needed to stop dreaming, including ripping away all my excuses for not moving forward. The training sessions in advance of the Bootcamp were action-packed and valuable and helped prepare me to get the most out of the weekend. The weekend of events was a game changer. I had a fantastic coach, strengthened my network with the other coaches, attendees, and organizers, and left with more confidence, a professional video, and photos. The biggest impact the weekend had on me was the realization that I can do this. I've been equipped with all the tools and a ton of valuable training on both a micro and macro level. I can't say enough wonderful things about SHINE Bootcamp. Participating was worth every penny and more. 

Sonia Thompson, Columnist | Marketing Strategist | Consultant | Speaker | Author 

When Shine Bootcamp came around, I had been thinking for a while about really wanting to speak AND looking for a female mentor in the tech space. Shine provided me with both. An empowered, inspiring environment full of incredible women and leadership as well as the ability to take my speaking career to the next level. I would not only do it again but 10/10 recommend it to anybody who asked.

Amalia Fowler, Account Manager at Snaptech Marketing

Since Shine, Amalia has spoken at five large-scale conferences and 40+ smaller ones.

Lisa Pierson |  Copywriting Consultant & Mom of two daughters.

I can’t believe how much I learned over such a short period of time - the training was both rigorous and supportive. I NEVER would have considered speaking publicly if it weren’t for shine, but now I’m excited and ready for it.”

After last year’s bootcamp, Lisa secured speaking slots at Interact Ohio, Digital Growth Unleashed, Call To Action Conference and INBOUND.

Taylor Morrison, Owner of of We Are Jubilant

Attending Shine Bootcamp was one of the best decisions I could have ever made, both for my career and for my confidence. It's a weekend-long event, but the support extends well beyond the weekend. Shine gave me resources, support, and a network of incredible women. Since Shine Bootcamp, I've been able to speak at several events. I recently spoke at You Got This Conference, and I'll be facilitating a workshop at the Outcomes Conference and speaking at a Chick Tech Conference in Chicago. 

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