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Shine Speaker Foundations Program

Present with confidence.
Speak with Intention.

A supportive 8-week speaking program for women who want to overcome their fears and communicate more effectively.

Enrollment for the winter 2022 Foundations program is now closed.

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Gain the skills + confidence to deliver powerful presentations

Whether you want to speak at local events or simply give more authoritative presentations at work, this 8-week program will help you overcome your anxieties and communicate more effectively.

Weekly workshops, breakout sessions, and access to a private community cultivate long-lasting friendships and valuable connections. You’ll grow alongside incredible women in an intimate and supportive learning environment built for flourishing.

What’s included:


Weekly live workshops 


Assignments, activities + deliverables


Exercises to manage your fears around speaking


Shine course materials with 25+ pre-recorded lessons


Access to a private Shine community

shine-1 on 1.png

1-on-1 session with a Shine mentor


Certificate of completion


Guaranteed enrollment in the Shine Accelerator program

You’ll learn and develop your:


Unique point of view + message


Storytelling skills


Written, oral + visual communication 


Self-confidence + self-compassion


Personal brand


Self-promotion strategies


Stage (and Zoom) presence + delivery


Leadership + authority

week 1


Tackle self-doubt, imposter syndrome and the fear of speaking.

• Get clarity on what self-doubt and imposter syndrome are, including some myths.‍


• Learn about cognitive distortions and how to combat them through the practice of re-framing.‍


• Gain powerful tools for pumping yourself up (or calming your nerves) before important moments and events.

Week 2


Discover the talk topics that really matter - to you and to your potential audience.

• Articulate your own unique point of view.


• Identify areas of expertise, which is the overlap of your knowledge and experience.


• Understand the difference between passion and “passion” - and learn how to weave the former into your presentation.

Week 3


Compile compelling evidence for your talk, like projects, personal anecdotes, and even tweets.

• Choose one or more impressive projects to feature in your presentation.


• Collect supporting evidence to strengthen your talk thesis.


• Understand what makes a good story, and how to sprinkle it thoughtfully throughout your talk.

week 4


Create the structure, outline and content of your talk.

• Discover multiple proven frameworks for building a dynamic talk.

• Physically map out your presentation using a number of different techniques.

• Test your talk flow out and get critical feedback.

Week 5


Write and create a magnetic talk title, description, and bio.

• Understand how your talk title and description work together to attract attention and attendees.

• Write compelling talk copy using a number of proven frameworks and approaches.

• Craft a bio that speaks to your credibility - and your quirks!

Week 6


Define your personal brand and create the visuals to reinforce our message.

• Define and document your speaker brand values. 

• Create a beautiful and impactful slide deck through thoughtful typography, color, and photography.

• Take inspiration from a template and make it look and feel unique to you and your brand.

week 7


Hone in on the details that make your presentations pop.

• Discover tools and exercises to help you speak clearly, confidently, and with conviction.

• Add personality and memorable moments to your presentation using a number of devices such as resonant phrases, comparison, humor, pop culture, multimedia, and more.

Week 8


You’ll deliver your talk live to your peers.

Congratulations, you’re officially a speaker!

Weekly Workshops are hosted every Tuesday starting August 31st for 8 weeks

We will host two Weekly Workshops each Tuesday to accommodate different time zones: 10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT and 4pm PST / 7pm EST / 11pm GMT.

Take a peek inside our program 👀

Although slide decks *really* don't give you the whole picture, here's a taste of the content we'll cover and how deep we go (click on the cover to see the entire deck).

Meet your instructors + mentors 

Join Shine co-creators Ale, Amy and Stef and guest instructors for weekly live workshops. Plus access our directory of Shine mentors for 1-on-1 support.

Why our alums love Shine

Ximena Cordon


A few months ago, I was feeling stuck in my career. I was doing what I was good at, but in a disruptive industry, and all the good and bad that comes with it (blockchain) which led me to become increasingly curious about finance and tech. I was having an existential crisis.

Carolyn Lyden


Y'all, I just got home (& caught up on sleep) after an amazing weekend at 
@shinebootcamp. Not only did I make amazing connections and new friends, but Shine gave me the tools to help over my constant, nagging insecurity

Nandini Jammi


I was def wondering how 
@shinebootcamp turns a profit as I plunked down my *suspiciously* affordable deposit earlier this year.

Turns out, it does not. @smgrieser @alejandraporta & @amy_would make this happen on their own time, at cost.

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