Our 2020 Speaking Programs Are Open!

Our programs are intimate, highly sought-after, and only happen four times a year. We have an application process. Be sure to apply by March 31, 2020 at midnight PST

Signature Speaker Accelerator

​We started Shine with the first-ever speaking accelerator for women. It’s our claim to fame. 

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Help Conference Organizers

Find awesome speakers, gain access to our alumni network and make your conference more diverse.

Corporate Programming & Training

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Consulting


We host bootcamps, accelerators & workshops. We have coaching & training.

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Online Speaker Community

  • Our private, invite-only slack speaker community is for sharing resources, advice, opportunities, gigs, connections, and mentorship

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  • nd 1-on-1 coaching

What we do

We have a few different programs 

Check them out.

Resources + Private Community For Underdog Speakers

$10/month | $100/year 

This isn’t Toast Masters.


Most speaking advice out there is pretty bland and generic

Shine Bootcamp’s monthly membership subscription is both different and better.


We cover topics that only get talked about behind closed doors or in private, invite-only communities once you’ve already ‘made it’ as a speaker. 


Topics include (but aren’t limited to):

  • writing enticing speaker abstracts

  • building confidence and conquering imposter syndrome 

  • building beautiful slides

  • getting paid as a speaker

  • getting in with speaker bureaus & agents

  • and a ton more!

  • As well as interviews with conference organizers about what they're looking for.

  • You can expect workshops, articles, Q&As, podcasts & more.

  • You’ll also gain access to our invite-only slack group. A private community for members to connect & talk speaking. 

  • Share resources, advice, opportunities, gigs, connections, and mentorship

  • We announce when conferences are looking for speakers 

  • Direct access to conference organizers (we invite them into our Slack to scout out new talent)

  • Peer feedback on your speaker talk & abstracts

  • A place to celebrate your speaking wins 🎉

6-Week Speaker Accelerator

$950 USD

Build a new conference talk from start-to-finish.


This isn’t a virtual conference. Or another virtual webinar. 


It’s also not a self-paced online course where you’ll get half-way through and never finish.


You’ll Get:


  • three 1-on-1 speaker training and coaching from professional speakers & speaker coaches. 

  • two 3-on-1 group coaching and training sessions 

  • an online course with a built-in community & accountability. 

  • smaller, high calibre groups for support

  • speaker swag! Yep, that’s right we’ll mail you a swag bag.

  • slide-design help from a professional designer 

  • a video recording of your talk

  • professional speaker headshots (yep, we’re taking these virtually)

Why does it cost $950?


  • This isn’t a virtual conference. Or a webinar.

  • We pay our coaches & trainers

  • We pay our photographer & other contractors

  • And we pay ourselves

  • + we support organizations like Diversity Tech Co. 

Our Signature IRL Professional  Speaker Bootcamp

*On Hold* $1000 USD

We were just about to hit go & launch all our 2020 programs...


  • Vancouver

  • Dublin

  • Seattle

  • Toronto


We have not launched our programs (obviously) — and are in a holding pattern. Like many other businesses. 


Do we need to say it? Co-void19. 


We welcome you to take part in our virtual program or our monthly membership subscription (look to your right)


Or if you just want to support us, we’d be grateful. 


But if you want to want to wait for the IRL programs, join our mailing list to stay in the loop.

*a detailed schedule will be sent to you once you’re accepted

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Getting The Speaker Gig

And celebrating it too

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