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Pay It Forward 

Sponsor A Full Ride Shine Scholarship

You will directly help shape the next generation of leaders + speakers.


1 scholarship of  US$1650


3 scholarships of  US$4950

But let's be real, speaking is about more than being on stage. It’s about having the confidence and skill to communicate with your audience — whether that be in a meeting, on a podcast or at a conference. After seeing women go through Shine, the majority of them have completely changed the trajectory of their careers as a result.

It’s important that Shine is available to ALL women, no matter their skin colour, sexual orientation, or financial situation.

By supporting Shine, you will provide one scholarship to an underestimated and economically disadvantaged professional.

And here’s what we’ll do:

- All credit for the full-ride scholarship goes to you.

- The individual you support will know you supported & sponsored their speaking career. 

- Include your logo on our website.

- Social love + gratitude from @shinebootcamp.

- Recognition in our private Slack community.

- Together we’ll be part of something bigger: helping the next generation of women speakers take the stage with confidence.

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